The day I LEARNED what COMMUNITY really looks like!

A few weeks ago my husband received a phone call from a friend. The call was unexpected. The words uttered poured His love on our family.

You see, we live on 13 acres. We have a wood burning furnace BUT  we have no wood.  Fallen tree’s are scattered all over our property. BUT the tractor is broke down, the trailer for hauling wood has a flat tire and someone stole our chain saw last fall. We ran out of wood a few weeks ago and we’ve had to use fuel oil to heat our home~it’s very expensive ($1,100 for one month). Looking back, we haven’t  had enough wood to heat our home the last few years. We work  full-time and have 2 children (each with their own special needs).  We are reluctant to ask for help. We don’t want to burden our friends.  So we pray. We ask God to bless our work efforts so we can heat our home.

There was a purpose to the call I mentioned above. The friend is part a group called i am second.  Follow their blog over at The purpose of i am second is to inspire people to live for God and for others.  This group of men felt God leading them to come work at our house for a DAY.


They arrived one by one. One with a backhoe, one with a wood splitter, one with a chainsaw and one with an axe.

I am Second

They ministered to our family in the most personal way. My husband was encouraged that each man would give up a  Saturday to help him. My son got to operate the backhoe. He got to “crunch down tree’s” and then take a nap while the backhoe driver worked on. “This was the BEST day of my life,” he said. My daughter couldn’t believe that God brought so many people to our home to help us. “God knew we needed help,” she said.  I stood before God humbled. Awe struck that these men came to serve our family.


By day’s end, we were gifted with enough wood to heat our home for the rest of the winter.

work day#2

Tears fell as I watched these men eating lunch together. The Lord whispered, “THIS is what COMMUNITY looks like. These guys: their hearts poured out for ME, joyfully serving.”

My sheep hear My voice and Listen

John 10:27 My sheep listen to my voice; I know them, and they follow me.

I heard His voice this week but…I almost didn’t follow Him. My days have been filled with trainings at work and projects at home. BUT, when a friend asked me to make a meal for a mutual friend as a Christmas gift, I felt His peace. I joyfully agreed to prepare a meal. What a wonderful idea I thought as I drove home. AND then it happened. I was filled with insecurity (What if our friend thinks we’re weird for gifting her food?), anxiety (How am I going to make dinner for someone else when I don’t even have dinner planned for my family?) and negative self talk (“Your Chicken Pot Pies really aren’t that good!”) I was confused. Hadn’t I felt peace when I agreed to make the dinner? Where had my peace gone? In the busyness of the week, I’d missed time with my Savior. Oh, how I needed Him. I prayed.

The next day, I told my friend that we would be dropping off two meals for her to enjoy. I told her it was our Christmas treat to her and her son. She cried. She said she only had a few dollars left in her bank account to get through the next week. She said had been worrying about how she was going to buy food. She said she couldn’t believe that God heard her cry for help. I cried. Because I almost missed the opportunity to hear His voice and follow Him; our God knows our needs and so beautifully orchestrates a plan to meet those needs if we only listen.

Praying that each of us will hear His voice and FOLLOW Him.


What if I told you Starbucks is my Mission Field

What if I told you Starbucks is my mission field? I drive into the city everyday to work and stop for coffee. Over the past 2 years, I’ve gotten to know the cashiers and customers.

I know one worker just returned from a Misson Trip. She worked at a medical clinic. I prayed for her trip and safety.

I know another worker is leaving Starbucks after several yrs of employment and she’s really anxious about her new job. I’m praying for her transition.

One customer works at a bank. She has lots of tattoos and a LONG time ago she use to attend church. Her grandmother died and she always went to church with her when she was a little girl. She says now, she probably couldn’t go to church because of her tattoos. I’ve prayed for God to open this one’s eyes that she would see she is “good enough” for Him. I’m praying for God to heal her grieving heart.

Another customer takes care of her granddaughter some morning and I love seeing them interact. The grandmother loves the little girl so much. I’m praying for God to bless their relationship abundantly.

Sometimes I see a man/local church planter meeting with another man, bibles wide open for all to see. I pray for their time together and for the church plant.

Where’s your Mission Field?