What if I told you Starbucks is my mission field? I drive into the city everyday to work and stop for coffee. Over the past 2 years, I’ve gotten to know the cashiers and customers.

I know one worker just returned from a Misson Trip. She worked at a medical clinic. I prayed for her trip and safety.

I know another worker is leaving Starbucks after several yrs of employment and she’s really anxious about her new job. I’m praying for her transition.

One customer works at a bank. She has lots of tattoos and a LONG time ago she use to attend church. Her grandmother died and she always went to church with her when she was a little girl. She says now, she probably couldn’t go to church because of her tattoos. I’ve prayed for God to open this one’s eyes that she would see she is “good enough” for Him. I’m praying for God to heal her grieving heart.

Another customer takes care of her granddaughter some morning and I love seeing them interact. The grandmother loves the little girl so much. I’m praying for God to bless their relationship abundantly.

Sometimes I see a man/local church planter meeting with another man, bibles wide open for all to see. I pray for their time together and for the church plant.

Where’s your Mission Field?